Mary Anne Carter freaking loves art. If she saw art on Tinder, she would freak the freak out and then swipe the freak right. If you enjoy her art, wish to collaborate, have an idea for a commission, or just want to talk art, HIT A GIRL UP. Here's an overview of a few services she offers on the regular, but it is by no means comprehensive:

  • Commissions & Collaborations
  • Custom Screen Printing 
  • Printmaking Tutorials, Classes, and Parties
  • Illustration
  • Book Cover Design
  • Event Curation
  • Custom Glitter Encrusting
  • Installation Art


At this time, Mary Anne Carter is accepting design work on a selective basis. If you are a small business or individual that possesses more than one of these qualities, please inquire for rates:

  • Values creativity over convention
  • Aesthetically open minded
  • Aspires to improve the world
  • Willing to pay the big bucks


Mary Anne Carter offers consulting services to businesses and individuals that seek to:

  • Distinguish their brand
  • Revamp their outreach strategy
  • Figure out what the deal is with social media
  • Learn how to build a website they can maintain on their own
  • Tell them if their business idea is stupid or genius
  • Determine if a product or service they are interested in is a scam
  • Optimize their dating profile
  • Decode their teenager's body language