Mary Anne Carter is an artist.


Whether Mary Anne Carter is hanging dozens of hand screen printed satin underwear on balloons for an installation of her own or cultivating opportunities for fellow artists as the co-curator of Seattle's most raucous gallery, Party Hat, art is at the foundation of all of Mary Anne Carter's work. 

If you didn’t have the opportunity to gaze at her glitter encrusted chest on the cover of City Arts’ February 2017 issue, you’ve likely spied her award winning screen print “This Bitch Face Does Not Rest” adorning the chest (or handbag) of a passerby. Carter’s body of work is diverse—in the last year alone, she launched Jesus Mary Anne Joseph, her award winning collection of screen printed apparel; performed in City Arts’ Genre Bender; erected a fake Taco Bell; illustrated a weekly column for Jetspace Magazine; screen printed a series of unique broadsides sold at the NY Art Book Fair; and debuted her work at the Bellevue Art Museum.

Outside of the studio, she teaches at Pratt Fine Arts Center; serves as a contributing editor for Gramma Poetry; and curates a popular market series that hosts over 150 artists annually.